If you ask any mom this question – she would happily tell that it would keep the child engaged and foster growth and development in a child. It is very vital to take few moments to think about the impact that the toys have that you are considering to purchase.

Developing your child’s gross and fine motor skills: Motor skills are motions carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles operate together. Fine motor skills are small movements such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon that use the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, lips, and tongue. Gross motor skills are the bigger movements such as rolling over and sitting that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet.
In early childhood loops, one often hears talk about activities that develop fine motor skills. This is because one of the many tasks of early childhood is to build up the muscles in the fingers and hand so that children will be able to use those muscles to carry out tasks such as eating themselves, put their clothes buttons, tying shoes, using cutters, and writing words
Playing with constructional toys like blocks builds, building vehicles and other improves fine motor skills. With the set of wooden toys from Extrokids, kids can spend hours building towers, towns, and other structures.
Developing Child’s Language Skills: Language development is a process starting early in human life. Infants start without language, yet by 4 months of age, babies can discriminate speech sounds and engage in babbling. The sounds you make at an infant, the songs you sing, the stories you say all aid to language development immensely.
Before children learn to talk, they learn to interact, to smile and laugh, to imitate, to gesture, to take turns, to play games like peek-a-boo, to make meaningful sounds and to understand familiar words. If words haven’t yet developed, then focus on all of these pre-verbal skills when playing with your little ones. When combined with increasing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills also open new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression.
Good selection consist of blocks (especially the interlocking types like magnetic blocks, Legos, bristle blocks, Tinker Toys, and construction straws), crayons, nontoxic and washable markers and paints, paste, glue, modeling clay, an easel, construction paper, safety scissors, a smock to guard against stained clothing, coloring books, and simple puzzle games, etc. We at Extrokids stock all these types of toys with more variety to choose from. Visit our page to explore more exciting products.
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