Key Features 

  • Made from non-toxic and safe material that is wood
  • Unique handcrafted design by artisans
  • Completely safe for children as it does not contain any sharp or rough edges

Brand – Extrokids
Type – 3D Puzzle
Age – 5 to 12 Years
Material – Wood
Package Dimensions – 23 x 10 x 9 cm

Items included in package 
1 PuzzleThe Handmade Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Game for Kids from the house of Extrokids ®  will keep your child occupied while helping him or her build fundamental skills. This challenging, unique game can also be played at home for time away from the television, video game system, mobile phone, tablets and computer. It will help you keep your kids away from harmful radiations of electronic gadgets.
The Handmade Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Game for Kids is a unique three-dimensional puzzle game that engages kids right away. The game includes a total of six pieces made up of smooth round wooden beads. The beads are attached to one another to create pieces of different lengths. In order to win the puzzle game, the pieces must be arranged on the wooden base to create a pyramid that is regular in size in terms of its width, depth and height. The game requires fine motor control to stack the pieces, spatial reasoning skills to visualize the pyramid and problem solving and logic skills to determine where to place the pieces. Handmade by artisans of Extrokids Brand in north Indian city of Saharanpur, the Handmade Wooden Pyramid Puzzle Game for Kids is as finely crafted as it is fun. The bead pieces and the base are all constructed out of sheesham wood, a hardwood that grows in India and is known for its strength and natural beauty. The base is 5 inches by 5 inches in size and has a recessed design to hold the pieces in place. A mix of light and dark finishes is used to give the game an attractive appearance, so that it can be displayed on a table or shelf when not in use. Foster early tactile and problem solving skills in any child the fun way!