It is a classy and elegant exterior & can also be used as a beautiful showpiece. This wooden Horse shaped toy is a designer toy modeled specially for kids play time. It is built by expert artisans of. Extrokids helps to keep the kid busy while also improving basic co-ordination movement and skills.

This series of wooden toys helps the child to identify different shapes and patterns and colors. Best for child as no harmful chemicals /paints are used. It comes from sustainably managed forest. These playthings aren’t plentiful in the big box stores, only special shops carry them, difficult to find in every city. We have made it available for your kids online so that you can have them at the comfort of your home with the click of a button.

Extrokids brings you the best of Indian handicraft products from all around India made by the rural artists. Their classic design and structure makes them a must have art amongst those who love collecting distinct showpieces. Their beautiful design, detailed carving and lovely structure together make it a desirable accessory for your home. They can also prove to be a great gift for those who love gathering collectibles.