Today’s kids learn from seeing rather than learning this Chota Kingdom xylophone helps the kid to concentrate learn music and increases attention span helps introduce your child to different sounds and rhythms the Chota Kingdom xylophone has 8 notes what emit different sounds and its ideal for both boys and girls. This colorful xylophone is a child’s ideal first introduction to music! Mallets in hand, children can explore simple music concepts through creative play, becoming familiar with an octave, intervals, and rhythms. Over time, this little rainbow caterpillar will help children develop an appreciation for sound and music! Adorable twist on a classic Kids love to explore musical concepts with this adorable twist on a classic instrument! A sturdy wooden base holds a full octave of metal keys in all the colors of the rainbow. The two mallets are easy for small hands to grip and store in the base Encourage developmental skills Kids are intuitive music-makers — giving them fun and simple instruments like the Xylophone at an early age helps encourage these skills and enhance cognitive, social-emotional, language, and sensory development skills. Learning to play with the mallets is also great for fine motor development. Music promotes creativity and artistic expression and has been shown to help strengthen lifelong learning skills like memory and concentration.