Sand timers are useful as a visual representation of a finite period of time. Sometimes there are moments when we simply cant continue following the childs uninterrupted repetitions of activity because there is a transition that needs to be made or an appointment to be kept.
The presence of three separate times (5 minutes, 3 and 1) can help to reinforce this by showing milestones along the way.
The 3in1 Sand Timer can also be very useful for cooking as you can keep track of three separate ingredients that are cooking simultaneously (such as when making a bacon, eggs and toast breakfast).
I have also used timers to represent a period of time for our Silence Game. This game involves inviting children to create a Silence by ensuring that their voices and bodies make absolutely no sound at all.
The 3in1 Timer could, however, be part of a silence in a primary school classroom or in a home where just a couple of siblings could work together to maintain a special silence.

3 in 1 sand timer