Style: Game Controller Macaron ESHOPY Game Controller-Macaron Pop Bubble Fidgets Sensory Toy Features: Relieve stress, help restore the mood, home essentials, kids and adults can play; Just press the pop bubbles down and they make a slight sound; then flip it over and start again; Endlessly reusable and washable; Material?High quality Silicone Non-toxic, tasteless,will not cause any harm to humans ; Bright colors and popping sounds, endless fun endless joy Ideal gift for your friend. How To Play: 1. You need 2 players to play this game. Anyone of the players can press the bubbles down in a line in any numbers or all of them; 2. The other player then also press the bubbles in the line that the previous player pressed; 3. The one who press the last bubble on the board loses the game; 4. Flip the upside down and you can start a new game. Package Content: 1 X Game Controller (Macaron) Pop Bubble Fidgets Sensory Toy – please refer image Content – please refer image