This is an amazing reusable note book for kids as well as adults(Rough Book) , It can be write any no of times and erased
The Following Items can be used to write on the reusable books –
Do’s :
The below items can be erased using Damp Wet Cloth or wet wipes except 9 and 10
1. Ink Pens
2. Washable Crayons
3. Sketch
4. High Lighters
5. Temporary Markers – any color – Which is used on white board
6. Paint Brush Pen
7. Gel Pens
8. Paint Colors – water colors
9. Color Pencils – Erase with Eraser
10. Pencils – Erase with Eraser

Don’t :
1. Donot use permanent marker and Ball Pens to written on books , incase if done by mistake it can be cleaned using body spray – just spray and wipe it off ….
Contents : 1 book – no pens Added