1. Exciting fun layer is a new puzzle game, belonging to 1 or more than 2 people play games. Experience the feeling.’’ 2. A fundamental solution to this has be placed in jeopardy building under the extraction of wood, is placed in the top of the building. not only have straight “The empire state building” but also has the mysterions” Learning tower of pisa, one not careful earthquake will occur, fangadaowta real is the heart of the play’’ in order to increase the heart to bear ability, can let the child more guts.can calm in any situation . 3. This product can not only hand eye coordination and will power exercise, but also can develop a balanced force, while the tower blocks put also can improve the patience and self –control, can exercise the muscles of the hands and flexible application. 4. promote the game player’s friendship and emotion. 5. can do for kindergarten ,school, unit for the acticities of the competition activities. 6. Key Skills : Observation ability / hand-eye co-ordination / environment friendly / Creative ability / sense of touch /Color perception / shape distinction

Contents : 54 Blocks – Variable Designs printed – Animal , Insects , Birds , Colors

1 hammer , Dice – 3 pcs