1. All time classical and fun family board game – full of strategy, tactics, skill and mind power in which each player tries to capture or checkmate the opponent
2. It helps in increasing the IQ, concentration, confidence, memory skills. Enhances creativity and imagination power of children

3. Rated as best family entertaining board game over the decades – Kids or Adults alike serves all ages and gatherings. Birthday parties, family outings, long drives, weekend getaway a perfect companion and completely portable

4. Made of high quality Rubber wood material
5. Sturdy and durable
6. Eco friendly and safe Material
7. Safe paint and Various bright color printing
8. The Chinese checker board set includes a total of 60 pegs with 10 in each of six colours, ideal for 2 to 6 players, the objective is to move or hops the 10 pegs from one triangle to the opposite, teaching strategic thinking and enhance cooperation social skills