1. The electronic message pad will higher shield the atmosphere and eliminate the requirement for paper, pencils, erasers.
2. One doodle pad will write quite 10,000 times, with a key clearance operate, at no cost and affiliation. It will save 10,000 sheets of paper and five massive trees. just one coin battery is required to exchange the normal battery.
3. Its straightforward to shop for and replace it in stores. theres no have to be compelled to worry regarding the environmental pollution caused by throwing paper everyplace.
4. The developing stage are often used for kids to doodle, draw, write, count then on to enhance their imagination.
5. As a family message board, leave messages for your relatives.
6. As a searching list, youll clearly perceive your wants. It is also best used for working people who are required to pass on messages.

Contents : 1 Pc Magic Digital Writing Board – with Light Glow
1 Pc Pen to write on theDigital Notebook with Erase Button
Repalcable Battery slots , comes with one battery