Bring home all the fun of the beach with Kinetic Sand Beach Sand! A gorgeous box of silky 1 kg sand, 6 beautiful molds,
Kinetic sensory sand is fun to play with just on its own. It moves and molds bends and cuts in a way that is completely different from other sensory bases. It has a velvety smooth texture , it isnt gritty like sand. This isnt going to get in your toddlers eye like a traditional sand will. Absolute safe and harmless.
Play with kinetic sand is unlimited and limitless. Pull it, pack it, squeeze it, shape it and finally, you will love it. This sand stimulates childrens creativity and sticks to itself but not to children thus gives a mess free play time.
Children can develop creativity, fine motor skills, imagination, gross motor skills, language and communication skills.
a little bit of everything to start you on your kinetic sensory sand adventure