Cute shape and special design , The cute cartoon shape is the ideal camera bubble machine for children. It is equipped with an independent bubble solution device, no need to worry about leaking and overflowing bubble solution. The portable lanyard allows children to take it anywhere and enjoy the fun of Bubble Kingdom.
Best Gift for Kids,Cute pig shape design. Its a unique bubble camera thats going to make your kids games a lot more enjoyable and unforgettable. Detachable straps allow kids to carry it around
Easy to use,One-button Bubble Machine, Super Easy to Use Powered by 3 x AA batteries, you just need to press the ON/OFF button for the pink pig bubble machine to work after the solution refilling. No need for complicated installation or refill process, the easiest bubble machine for kids to DIY and exercise their eye-hand cooperation ability.Enough bubble liquid?-each bubble camera toy camera is not only equipped with 2 bottles of bubble liquid, but also 2 packs of concentrated bubble liquid. You and your child can not only directly bubble solution refill, but also make a new bubble liquid by concentrating the bubble liquid, so that the child can experience the happiness of making the bubble liquid, and enough bubble liquid is enough to satisfy the play demand.
Safe and secure,Made of Kids-friendly ABS plastic, this bubble machine is safe, stable and nontoxic for kids to play.
* Bubble Camera

2 * Supporting strap

3 * Supporting strap

4 * AA battery


Name: Bubble Camera

Material: ABS

Product Weight: 280g

Style: Show in photo and box.

Applicable age: over 3 years old

Battery: 3 AA batteries (battery Include)

Main Functions: Automatic Bubble, Music, Lighting

Main Applicable place: Indoor, Ourdoor, Party, Wedding, etc.


1. About install, please install the battery first, and then install the bubble liquid to prevent the bubble liquid from leaking when the battery is inverted.

2. Do not shake the camera violently or Invert the camera to avoid leakage of bubble liquid.

3. If the bubble liquid leaks, wipe the device dry, then you can continue to play it.

4. After playing, please take out the battery for storage. And take out the bubble liquid and close the lid to save it.