They’re not taken seriously as business women, and are mostly seen as women who sit around blogging about crafts and kids and their daily lives. While there are sure to be some challenges along the way, you are probably like most entrepreneurial women and would not change your life for anything. Even though you may have to make a few changes here and there to find balance, with the right approach you can settle on a schedule that suits both your duties as a business owner and as a mother.

As per the International Labour Organization, women’s Labour Force Participation Rate ( LFPR) is the lowest in India. This means lesser women are in the workforce. Have any one ever thought that being a mom can you a better entrepreneurs. Moms are full time business women though at home or office. She deals with new ideas to take care for her kids whether to make them eat or make them understand stuffs. As moms, we’re responsible for all kinds of things—all the time. There’s grocery shopping, laundry, doctor’s appointments, laundry, after school activities, laundry. It’s a full-time job. And adding a business into the mix makes it feel like we’re working several full-time jobs. It’s no wonder that being both a mom and an entrepreneur can feel a tad overwhelming at times.

According to a quick Google search, a mompreneur is: “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.” You don’t only have your business’ profits hinging on your every move; you have your children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being resting squarely on your own shoulders. And every decision you make doesn’t just affect your company, but your family…with few, if any, people to help you carry that load.

“You have to make family a part of your business and always considered your kids to be your board of directors. Kids are going to make messes, they are going to eat your reports and download viruses to your computer. Your best weapon is a sense of humor. Enjoy your mom entrepreneur life, wear the title proudly. We are basically super heroes. The cost of childcare is so high when you are a mompreneur. If you have the right idea and the right community around you and know-how to use the internet and social media, you can really create a business for yourselves. It seems like a win-win for so many women.”

Remember that you’re only one woman. You’re already a cherished wife and mother to your husband and children. You’re already successful business women. So be kind to yourself – you’re already the best woman you can be, right now!