HIGH PERFORMANCE glue gun and THERMAL Insulated SOFT GRIP Handle for professional applications with heavy duty glue output.
PRE-HEATING in 3-5 minutes only maintaing constant temperature and TRIGGER FEED glue output to control the glue flow.
Don’t touch the Nozzle of Glue Gun and hot melt glue. Because Hot melt glue reaches the temperature upto 200 degree Celcius
SAFETY DESIGN – The Soft Grip Handle enhances safety and comfort in using Glue Gun. Heat absorbing Nozzle cover prevents burning. The HIGH-TECH PTC heater component of the glue gun is made of Positive Temperature Coefficient electric resistance (PTC).
GLUES toys, wood, textile, plastic, polystyrene, metal, ceramic, card, electronics, artificial flowers, etc. Uses 11 mm diameter different type glue sticks like White, Yellow, Black, etc. for different bonding purpose.