Parenting Roles – Some Guilt’s that Can Turn to Guiding Stars

The moment when a newborn is welcomed at home – it is beyond any other happiest and joyful moments. But at the same time, parents had to prepare themselves to play the role of a perfect father and mother. And as you can understand, being a good father or mother is not at all easy as it sounds. Most parents, when their child begins to grow up and starts turning down all their expectations, start feeling guilty. Guilt is one of the most crucial reasons that create a massive impact on a child’s development.

Most importantly, raising a child doesn’t mean to fulfill his/her basic needs starting from education to entertainment. The most significant factor is, do your kids have morality, manners, and etiquette? Yes, these are the essential qualities that every parent must nurture their children with.

Reasons behind Parenting Guilt

Every parent is different and has different methods of raising their upbringings. Many parents are stringent and put restrictive walls on their kids’ freedom.  Some parents are too casual towards their responsibilities and duties – of a father or a mother.

Also, chaos, arguments, disagreement, and quarreling between both the individual parent affects significantly on their child’s healthy mind. As a result, your child will very soon start walking on the negative paths. When children turn out to be disobedient and start misbehaving with their parents, the parents start regretting and questions their raising and upbringing. But feeling guilty, blaming yourself, or regrets won’t save your back and won’t stop your son or daughter from doing misdeeds.

Listed below are some reasons you need to check yourself before you feel guilty about your parenting as a father or mother:

  • Sharing secrets

If your child thinks twice about sharing secrets with you, then it is indeed a serious matter. Just think, ‘Am I making a mistake?’ do you ever question yourself that why your child has to be afraid of you when you are the closest person to him/her.

  • Talking freely and fearlessly

If your child is not close to you and stays detached from you most of the time, then you must check your mistakes. Your child must feel free to talk to you no matter whatever the reason be. Your child should be confident and should not fear to speak to you on any topic. And if this happens, it means your child is not comfortable to find you as his/her faithful supporter or guide.

  • Yelling or shouting too much

Shouting or yelling at the child on their small mistakes is one of the most significant parenting guilt that most of the parents had to face. Children are innocent like flowers, and hence they do not understand the right and wrong facts. Therefore, they are likely to make mistakes. But if you are scolding or shouting at your child all the time, it will badly impact your child’s development.

  • Insecurity

Yet another biggest reason behind parenting guilt is being insecure about your child. Trust is the most reliable source that makes every relationship successful and keeps both connected in the long term. As a parent, you must have the utmost trust in your child. Being secure and doubting your child every time will make your child debar in all the situations.


  • Encouragement and motivation

Parents are the first teacher, guide, motivator, encourager, and friend for every child. But what if your child can’t see you like the way he/she wants to see you? You know your child’s talent, skills, ability, and capability. Every child is born with exceptional talent, but only having talent is not enough. If you can’t support and encourage your child is doing what he/she is best at, then you will surely start regretting at a certain point in time.

Tips for Becoming a Good Parent

Saying ‘I can be a good mom or dad’ is not enough. What matters is that you are teaching your child the right things or not. There is a lot more than a packing bag, dropping and picking up from school, helping in homework. The most crucial role and responsibility of you as a good mother or father are to ensure the bright development of your child.

As a good parent, you must know the likes and dislikes of your child very well. Yes, you might be concern about the well-being of your child, which you should be. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop him/her and become a barrier between their decision makings.

If you want to be an ethical and responsible parent, then the first thing you should do is teach him/her the difference between choosing the right and wrong. If your child can make out the difference between profit and loss, good and bad, morality and cruelty, then congratulation on being a good father or mother.

Raising My Child Perfectly

Every parent has a significant contribution to a successful man and woman. Also, every parent wants to see their children succeeding in their life and wishes for their well being. But raising kids and the journey in between is one of the most challenging sessions every parent has to face at a certain point in time.

However, self-believe and hard work can turn every impossible into possibility. Raising your child by making him/her with morality, mannerism, and etiquette are essential today. If your child is responsible and has a good sense of performing duty with diligence, then you have undoubtedly played a significant role as a perfect parent.