1. CONVENIENT AND DURABLE: The top general building puzzle for children over 3 years old is equipped . The blocks with smooth edges are very beautiful in terms of simplicity. They are packed in a cute colored box, which can be stored easily and conveniently. These are made of high-quality thick wood, each of which is durable enough for your kids to use over and over again.
2. INSPIRE IMAGINATION: Games can help children explore the world. This is definitely a beautiful and educational building block game for children. It will help stimulate children imagination, curiosity and creativity, shape their sense of spatial identity, and promote the development of basic life skills! This is definitely the most exciting wooden intellectual challenge building block set that will surprise your preschoolers!
3. EASY TO HANDLE: The puzzle blocks are made in suitable size for their little hands. Through grasping and matching, kids hand-eye coordination and fine motor ability can be improved. This logical reasoning game provides your kids aged 3+ with several hours of leisure time.
4. SAFE: The blocks are safe and friendly enough. The puzzle is made of hard wood and colored in non-toxic paint which can keep the colors of the pattern unchanged for a long time. And the blocks are big enough to ensure the preschoolers can grab and hold them easily and you dont have to worry your kids putting the blocks into mouth by mistake.
5. GOOD PARENT-CHILD GAME: It is a good parent-child game. When you play the game with your kids together, it would not only let the children fully enjoy the fun of the game, but increase the felicity of parents and children, thereby promoting your family harmony. Contents : 1 instruction manual, 1 wooden base, 10 wooden Blocks pcs