20 03, 2020

How Productive Toys Can Shape the Development Of Your Child

Kids are lovely, and every time there is a lot of imagination goes on in their minds. These imaginations are a result of an incident taking place around them. Their brain is like a plain canvas, and yes, of giant size- infinite dimensions. They draw their imagination on this canvas continuously, and more interestingly, some of the images they bring are bold and more colorful. As a parent, it is upon you whether your kid draws these bold and colorful imaginations darkly or joyfully. Whatever you teach them or forced to see them becomes engrossed in your child's character and personality. Importance of Learning with Toys You should choose toys for your child, which do not only make the learning process easy but also impart kindness and compassion, which ultimately leads to building [...]

20 03, 2020

How to Choose the Right Book for your Kids , Read till end

Importance of Good Books for Child’s Skill Enhancement Books are the most effective way of teaching and build the foundation of learning your child. Therefore you must be attentive and careful about selecting the books for your kids. The importance of good books is not only for boys or girls or adults but for the very beginning of childhood. Therefore the selection of good books rather than practical books is a very crucial task for the parent, as every child has their way of imagination. Social-Emotional Intelligence and Books Good books shape the social-emotional intelligence of your kids. You should select those books which strengthen the social-emotional intelligence of your kids in the right direction. For these books, you are going to present your child must have diversity, kindness, and compassion towards every [...]

19 03, 2020

How to Get Rid of the Guilt Over Parenting Mistakes

Parenting Roles – Some Guilt’s that Can Turn to Guiding Stars The moment when a newborn is welcomed at home - it is beyond any other happiest and joyful moments. But at the same time, parents had to prepare themselves to play the role of a perfect father and mother. And as you can understand, being a good father or mother is not at all easy as it sounds. Most parents, when their child begins to grow up and starts turning down all their expectations, start feeling guilty. Guilt is one of the most crucial reasons that create a massive impact on a child's development. Most importantly, raising a child doesn't mean to fulfill his/her basic needs starting from education to entertainment. The most significant factor is, do your kids have morality, manners, [...]

19 03, 2019

Why are toys important in learning?

If you ask any mom this question - she would happily tell that it would keep the child engaged and foster growth and development in a child. It is very vital to take few moments to think about the impact that the toys have that you are considering to purchase. Developing your child’s gross and fine motor skills: Motor skills are motions carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles operate together. Fine motor skills are small movements such as picking up small objects and holding a spoon that use the small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, lips, and tongue. Gross motor skills are the bigger movements such as rolling over and sitting that use the large muscles in the arms, legs, torso, and feet. In early childhood [...]

14 03, 2019

Aren’t all working moms powerful?

Yes, we are. Balancing the demands of career and family is a challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart. Often, it calls for merciless multitasking, artful prioritizing and justified juggling. The most rewarding part of cultivating our yearly Most Powerful Working Moms list is the opportunity it gives us all to learn about how notable influencers—movers and shakers from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds—manage to get it all done. Also, we are endlessly inspired by how they pay their good fortune forward and motivate their fellow working moms to keep climbing. We hope you’ll agree this year’s crop of 50 women (with kids 21 and under) are leaders in their respective industries, doing what they can to make the world a better place—and proving the juggle is real. Moms [...]


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