Yes, we are. Balancing the demands of career and family is a challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart. Often, it calls for merciless multitasking, artful prioritizing and justified juggling. The most rewarding part of cultivating our yearly Most Powerful Working Moms list is the opportunity it gives us all to learn about how notable influencers—movers and shakers from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds—manage to get it all done. Also, we are endlessly inspired by how they pay their good fortune forward and motivate their fellow working moms to keep climbing. We hope you’ll agree this year’s crop of 50 women (with kids 21 and under) are leaders in their respective industries, doing what they can to make the world a better place—and proving the juggle is real.

Moms wear many hats: chauffeur, nurse, chef, storyteller, slayer of monsters. Donning the entrepreneurial hard hat means adding another responsibility to your ever-evolving tasks. But those in the know say it can be done. If you’re a mom who wants to start a business — whether for reasons of flexibility, fulfillment or financial necessity — play to your strengths and passions.

Becoming a mom turns your whole life upside down. So many things change—that sometimes includes your ambitions, and certainly your day-to-day. But becoming a mom doesn’t change the fact that you still have ambitions, and days you’d like to be as fulfilling as possible. And if that means starting a small business while being a mother, make it happen

The rise of mompreneurship

Although adding “mom” to “entrepreneur” may seem like an unnecessary qualifier for women on the path to running their own businesses, it captures a specific segment of the market, one that allows women to utilize their many talents in two complex and sometimes overlapping areas of life.

‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘motherhood’ are two of the most revered concepts in this country which helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Perhaps, that’s because they both describe roles that are difficult but potentially fulfilling. Mothers are some of the most enterprising, energetic and resourceful people. One of the ways that moms are making a difference in the life of their families while also making a living is by starting businesses; the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 68 percent since 2007.

Whether it’s to have more flexibility in their schedules, a better work-life balance or a chance to pursue a new career passion, starting a business can become an exciting new way for moms to support their families while maximizing their personal potential.
Moms are superficial super heros who got super powers to manage everything. They give hardly any time for themselves. Still she needs recognition though by her kids or family