A4 in size (297mm x 210mm)
thick, nice and thin for lighter crafting purposes
Very flexible awesome for making your own magnets
Easily cut with scissors, knife or paper cutter
Can also be used for storing Spellbinders dies
Can be holepunched and glued
Attach your own stickers to make fridge magnets
In addition to making fridge magnets, these sheets are a fantastic solution for metal die storage and organisation!
Magnetic only on the one side, they can be cut and holepunched so you can place your dies into folders, making them far easier to organise and locate. Keeping your dies safe, tidy and helps prevent any loss or damage to your wonderful collection! Each roll has a pull force of making it perfect for lighter crafting activities. These sheets are very easy to cut with scissors and can easily be cut down to different sizes if required.
We recommend if you are holepunching to use in a spellbinder, that you glue some thick card to the nonmagnetic side. These sheets are very flexible and will bend in storage, which can cause your dies to come loose if they are not reinforced with card.
1 pcs pcs of A4 magnet sheet