Product description
Color name:Red Car Design
1. This forty six Piece aggregation can encourage you to provide new styles and create it good to carry your young creator.
2. The Art Set consists of a plastic box with multiple pull-out trays containing forty six completely different things of art, together with paintings and pins. create all along with your own fingers by exploitation this kit flowers, characters, landscapes, and even personalized salutation cards.
3. Use these colored pencils and paints to reinforce your design.
4. Its an ideal thanks to let your kid specific himself or herself also as creating stunning art comes. you may get the complete set of drawing that a baby desires during this forty six items Art Set.
5. With a Pencil and sharpener included within the Set your kid will Draw what they might wish to Color.
Contents : Multi purpose kids coloring box with 46 items , 12 pcs color pencil, 12 pcs wax crayons ,6 pcs felt pens, 12 pcs water colors,1 pc brush, 1 pc eraser,1 pc sharpener,1 pc glue